Click here for the printable registration. Now, paper registration is on paper. For preregistration, this will require an envelope and stamp sent to a very specific location (information on the form). Race day registration will be available until 8:30am.


    • Trail Boss

      Hey Rusty,

      Sorry about the problem with the link to the printable registration. I hope this is a manageable amount of bull shit. We apologize for the inconvenience. I’m sending a printable version over to your email.



  1. Tia

    Hi there! (Eric?)

    I was just wondering if the price is $15 without the shirt? Or do you have a picture of the shirt? I may splurge and actually get it this year!


    • Trail Boss

      Hello Tia,

      There is a no tee option in registration. We did some awesome shirts this year. The logo and color is that represented on this site.

      Hope everything is going well with your training, nice article in Family, and happy trails.

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