*This map is from the Googles. The race distance and mileage information is not accurate. The official course is certified by Bob Taylor, long time purveyor of the RT 15k race route.

USATF Certification Code: #AR15002DLP

The race starts on Tournament Drive in the Burns Park Soccer Complex. The first half mile heads south until turning right onto Catfish Road. The course stays within the Soccer Complex for this opening mile, making another right turn onto Goalie Rd. After passing the first mile marker, the route heads onto the White Bayou Trail lining the north edge of the Soccer Complex then turns right back onto Tournament Drive. The route then moves out of the soccer complex as it passes the 2nd mile marker travels east. Runners will merge onto the paved Arkansas River Trail at the first water stop before tackling a short uphill to the Burns Park Golf Course.


A gradual downhill section moves runners past the mile 3 and 5K markers, to a wooden bridge crossing over a small creek. The route then curves right through woods of Emerald Park. The path emerges from the trees and the course covers another small uphill section to reach the Old Rock Quarry. On the flat stretch through the quarry, the course passes the 4 mile mark and enters Riverview Park.


The route continues along past River View Park on another section just adjacent to the Arkansas River, and passes the Mile 5 marker. Coming up a very short hill, the route makes a near-180 degree turn to head back west on River Road. The straight away on River Road is another very flat stretch of almost a mile. The flat terrain continues as runners return to River View Park, pass Mile 6, and head back on the Arkansas River Trail through the Old Rock Quarrey.


A brief downhill from the quarry will take runners by the Mile 7 marker and back through the woods of Emerald Park. The route passes back over the little wooden bridge to re-emerge in the Burns Park Golf Course area, heads down a short hill to reach the Mile 8 marker, then continues on Tournament Dr to the Soccer Complex. A left back onto Catfish Road and a right turn on Goalie Rd will take runners to Mile 9. From there it is just 1/3 of a mile to the finish line on Soccer Ave.


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